recovery is a journey, not a destination

I have often talked about my anxiety, and my continual effort to live with it, but I hardly ever talk about my battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, nor do I talk about what recovery means to me. These are things that weigh on my heart and on my mind daily, but I don't ever vocalize… Continue reading recovery is a journey, not a destination


Today I turn twenty-five. It's weird, because a lot of the times I still feel like I'm sixteen. When someone needs an adult and turns to me, I still assume they're waiting for me to find an adult. I don't know how to be an authority figure (a true tragedy since I work in a… Continue reading twenty-five.


(Photo credit to the lovely and talented Laurel Guild) I'm baaaaaack. I seriously cannot believe I took an entire semester off, but I have been so busy and so much has happened in that time, but first and most importantly: I HAVE A MASTERS DEGREE!!!! This semester has been so mentally and physically draining (though I can… Continue reading commencement